The Plant has all the facilities for normalizing, annealing and heat treatment and also is fully equipped with all testing facilities for physical, chemical and ultrasonic testing. Each of the Product undergoes rigid testing and inspection at various stages from raw material to finished products. Forging is done in controlled temperature conditions. A single piece of 6 M.T weight and length upto 10 meters can be forged.
  Testing Facilities  

Complete Chemical testing Laboratory for testing of C , Mn , S , P , Si , Cr , Ni , Mo etc.
Brinell Hardness Tester.
Annealing - Normalizing Furnace-2 Nos., Bogy Type fitted with 3 Point Thermo couple with recorder.
Ultrasonic Testing Machine FD 300 & Microsan Ex-10.
Universal Testing Machine UTN 60.
Shortly Introducing Oil Quenching Hardening Tempering Facilities.


Quality Control

These quality objectives are measurable i.e. we can measure the reduction in rejections, rework, wastage, breakdown time, un-planned down time, optimum utilization of the available resources and timely delivery to the customers. The quantification of objectives are discussed during the Management Review meetings.
  Performance and credit rating  
  Done by: National Small Scale Industries Corporation Ltd (New Delhi)
RATING: SE 3A Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (USA)
  Quality Policy  
KEC Forgings Pvt. Ltd. shall achieve Total customer satisfaction by
providing quality forgings on continuous improvement basis, under
reasonable cost & within agreed time frame.