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  Company Profile  
We introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturers of Free forgings and Special Steel Forgings of Rounds, Stepped Shafts, Gear Blanks, Spindles, Rolls, Endless Rings, Spacer Rings, Discs, Sprockets, Pinions, Flanges, Crank Shaft Etc. In Plain Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless steel & other qualities of steel. Our products have been widely accepted by all the leading industries in private and public sector as well as Original Equipment Manufacturers since last thirty years.We have all the facilities for Normalizing, Annealing and Heat Treatment and also we are fully equipped with all testing facilities for Physical, Chemical and Ultrasonic Testing. Each of the product
undergoes rigid testing and inspection at various stages from Raw Material to Finished one. Forgings are done in controlled temperature conditions. We can Forge a single piece of 6 MT weight and length up to 10 meters. We are also capable of providing machined forging as we have well equipped machine shop
All the resources required to meet the customer's requirements are made available.
All the facilities and manpower been provided accordingly.
The production process is well established based upon 30 years experience.
The standards of acceptability have been well defined in the form of Inspection & test Plan for all stages.
Any change in the organisation is planned in a manner that the working of the quality management system is not affected
  during this change.
All the processes, planning & programs shall be monitored through the MRM at the defined intervals.


Our objective is to be a lean organization that drives revenue through greater exports and higher value added products and profits through sustained cost reduction. We will increase revenues and decrease costs through even greater emphasis on Technologies and by leveraging our strengths in design and technology to considerably compress development time and create the best ‘Speed to Market’ standard in the industry.
  The company emphasizes on three key themes that form the cornerstone of the company’s growth strategy :  
  These quality objectives are measurable i.e. we can measure the reduction in rejections, rework, wastage, breakdown time, un-planned down time, optimum utilization of the available resources and timely delivery to the customers. The quantification of objectives are discussed during the Management Review meetings.  
  Forgings & Rolled Products  

Available in all qualities of steel like Plain carbon-CL-I, CL-II, CL-III, CL-IV, EN8, EN9, EN 42, ST-52, etc.
Alloy Steel like: EN18, EN19, EN353, EN354, EN-24, EN-25, 20Mn Cr5, EN36, SAE8620 etc
Stainless Steel: AISI-204, 316, 321 etc.
Rolled Round & Flats in all the above qualities